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Vitameatavegamin Productions

(Created under Jargon Boy Design Studio)


We collaborated with Vitameatavegamin Productions President/Founder Maria Arena Bell to create the Television, Film and New Media Company’s identity program. We took a cue from Bell’s love of Lucille Ball and Pop Art. We began by embracing Lucy’s Vitameatavegamin television episode (which the company’s name was inspired from) and re-investigating Pop Artist Andy Warhol and his 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans. The Vitameatavegamin Productions visual identity was a homage to both iconic works. Once the logo was developed, supporting artwork was created to give the entire program a handmade, screen print feel.  We coined the tagline "A Tasty Media Treat" which would cleverly describe what the media company's mission is. The wallpaper was featured in The New York Times' Fashion & Style section. Photo by Emily Berl for NYT

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