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The Bridgeport Arts + Cultural Council

(Created under Jargon Boy Design Studio)


We collaborated with the Bridgeport Arts + Cultural Council to create the original branding for the organization along with in-house collages. The BACC Heroes education-based 12 poster series was used in various ways, most importantly as an educational tool for Bridgeport youths to gain knowledge about the amazing people with roots in the city. The posters were donated to 30 local Bridgeport public schools in Connecticut. The BACC RE 8 poster series was used to bring an awareness to the revitalization of The City of Bridgeport.


The BACC is grounded in the abilities to create, curate and collaborate. They do this through empowering local artists, stimulating conversation, building leadership, supporting cultural expression, funding, spreading city pride and serving as a catalyst for creativity. The BACC is dedicated to advancing the city’s quality of life and prosperity. 


The Bridgeport Heroes poster series was acquired by the Housatonic Museum of Art for their permanent collection which includes renowned contemporary artists such as Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman and Jenny Holzer. The poster campaign was featured in Communication Arts Exhibit section both online and in the Design Annual magazine edition.

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