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The Kona Brewing Co. / Hawaii


This sticker campaign is a celebration of local Hawaiian surf snippets, iconic beach spots and a slice of Oahu’s surfing history. Creative Director Greg Chinn views stickers as mini artwork that people proudly show on their cars, surfboards, coolers and more. The objects that the stickers are placed on become mobile galleries that will highlight the KBC brand in various places in-and-around Hawaii.


Working with KBC Big Wave Golden Ale/Longboard Island Lager brand color palettes for each option combined with using the KBC specified typography (via the style guide), the fresh sticker capsule collection effortlessly reinterprets/adds to the existing visual language to create a cool/contemporary vibe. With a handcrafted look, bold silhouette graphic style, individual 2/C color usage and staying true to KBC’s vintage look, these new stickers will further amplify the brand to the people of Hawaii. Local folks will get these moments and further connect with the KBC brand. This collection is meant to inspire pride and put a smile on local faces with the understanding that KBC embraces/celebrates the unique island surf culture.

In this moment of challenge and change, creative professionals are embracing the concept of “Designing For Good.” Graphic Design USA featured a special entry category for graphic communications that advance positive social and environmental action and social justice impact; promote diversity, equity and inclusion; and aim to make communities and the world a better place for people and nature. The Kona Brewing Co. Sticker Set  was recognized as a winner in this category. From among 10,000+ entries, less than 10 percent were selected as winners. The flagship American Graphic Design Awards honors the best and the brightest, the most effective and engaging, graphic communications of the year. Text excerpted from Graphic Design USA congratulations letter.

The stickers would win an American Advertising Award Bronze Medal, known as the Pele Awards in Hawaii. The Pele Awards honor Hawaii's Best in Advertising and Design. 

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