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Anako | Moringa Infused Artisanal Products


We created/collaborated in all aspects of the Anako brand which included naming, logo/identity/color palette development, packaging design, product photography, website development and social media consultation.

Translated from Filipino, Anako means my child. The Moringa infused tea was originally conceived for breast-feeding moms, but has wellness benefits for everyone. Moringa Oleifera is a plant that is often called the miracle tree. Moringa contains a variety of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Moringa is also highly sought-after worldwide for its numerous health benefits. It's seed meal can even be used for purifying water. 


The Anako line of health and wellness products are hand made with utmost care in small batches.  Anako carefully creates and hand packs each delicious Moringa infused treat in their kitchen in sunny Los Angeles, CA. The family is hands on and passionately involved in every step to bring you this health beneficial power food. Phase one of the product line includes cold brew coffee, fresh pressed in small batches organic tea, fresh baked artisanal moringa buns, organic pesto sauce and 2 flavors of dry tea packet blends. The line has grown, adding cold brew hibiscus mango iced tea packets, mini sourdough bread, organic hot sauce and 100% fresh orange juice. A percentage of all the Anako proceeds will go back to the Palawan people in the Philippines.

The packaging system would be awarded a Graphic Design USA: American Package Design Award. GD USA sponsors competitions that recognize graphic design excellence. The annual package design awards celebrates well-designed graphics, but also the power of design to tell the story, advance the brand, and make the difference at the moment of truth. From more than 2,750 entries worldwide, just a handful of designs were recognized as winners. 

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