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Laurel Canyon Association

(Created under Jargon Boy Design Studio)


We created the brand identity for The Country School (K-8) including various TCS programs and fundraising events. 


The concept of the logo is based on the Fibonacci Sequence. This predictable pattern recurs almost everywhere in the natural world and has alternately been called the "Golden Spiral" for its aesthetically pleasing regularity and balance. 


You see the Golden Spiral in your thumbprint, in your DNA, in the pattern of the seeds of a sunflower. It is in the beautiful arcs of the chambered nautilus and the spiral galaxy. We've chosen this symbol because it represents so many of the characteristics that set the Country School apart. It grows exponentially, as our children do as they progress from grade to grade, and it is a metaphor for seeing the future as ever bigger, ever brighter.


The vibrant, diverse, and supportive Country School community is a place where students are able to explore their unique voices, traits, and talents, and where each voice is honored and respected. Focusing on project-based curriculum, and fostering emotional intelligence, TCS students engage in learning that is collaborative, empowering, and revelatory, while developing self-awareness, personal character, and resilience. Students do not receive homework until the second semester of Fifth Grade and, instead of assignments, have the freedom to let their interests and passions guide their learning at home.

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