Anako, Moringa Infused Artisanal Products brand identity.

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The Connecticut Audubon Society's Birdcraft Museum identity.

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Jargon Boy Design Studio's M is for Modern Alphabet Flashcards.

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Anako, Moringa Infused Artisanal Products brand identity.

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Your neighborhood design studio crafting engaging stories with upbeat visual language and a relaxed brand of modernism.



Formerly Jargon Boy Design Studio, now The Local Brand Co. was inspired by Creative Director Greg Chinn’s roots in Hawaii. The term “Local” means someone who is familiar with the culture, that knows the ins and outs of that particular lifestyle. They live there and get it. As technology has connected people, the world has gotten much smaller. Our cultural influences are global. Today, we’re just a few clicks away from each other. No matter where you live in the world, we have all become “Local”. I'm The Local Brand Co., and in your neighborhood. Nice to meet you.

Social media illustrations for the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation located in Waikiki, Hawaii. The ODKF images were featured in ShoutOut LA in an article titled, Meet Greg Chinn: Creative Director/Illustrator. The site highlights creatives in Los Angeles. Midweek, Hawaii's favorite newspaper covering the local community had an article on the ODKF holiday tee-shirt promotion. Iconic silhouettes of the Duke were authorized by licensing agent Malama Pono.

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(Above Right) Working from his Laurel Canyon neighborhood in Los Angeles, Greg is constantly influenced by Southern California's forward style and modernist history. The Anako Summer Capsule Collection social media/point-of-purchase illustration featured a few notable constructs that continue to inform his work. LA's MCM architectural heritage, 1950's West Coast Jazz and of culture.


(Lower) The Beat, A Cultural Mixtape illustration on Surfing in the Maldives was motivated by Greg's visit to the island country.


(Thumbnail & Below) Anako Farmer's Market Tent Banner. The graphics were inspired by food, ingredients and cooking process sillouettes combined with a mixture of various classic Spanish tile motifs. These elements were blended together, forming the visual direction for the banner and business card programs.


(Top) Branded wall graphics (and museum logotype) for The Dixwell Q House Advisory Board, and The Toni N. & Wendell C. Harp Historical Museum's inaugural exhibition at the Dixwell Community House, Keeping the Faith! Promises & Persistence in Dixwell. The exhibition features objects from the Connecticut Afro American Historical Society collection, Yale’s Beinecke Library, the New Haven Museum, and private collectors to celebrate the Community House’s return to the neighborhood. The visual concept was inspired by Adam Clayton Powell Jr.'s vinyl album Keeping The Faith, Baby! (Lower thumbnail) Logotype for a bespoke line of organic artisanal products in Carmel, CA.


Design is thinking made visual.


Saul Bass

Legendary Designer



Wherever my family and I have lived, collaborating with neighborhood businesses has always been the cornerstone of my work. Whether on the East/West Coast, these local businesses are the key to how a community functions. Equally important is how it is perceived and the impression it exudes. I've been lucky to have worked with forward-thinking clients who are looking for something visually fresh with a strategic backbone. Below are some case studies that will give you an idea of the branding I do. If you feel I'd be a good fit, give me a holler.