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The Beat #24: The Hairy Edition! The Mullet, Moustaches, Sideburns & Beards

Illustrations by Brian Grabell of Scout Collective

Whether you keep your hair high and tight or have facial hair that doesn’t come in that well in certain areas, there’s a plethora of hair expressions for guys to employ. From the ole Mississippi Mudflap to a solid mustachio bashio, men have used their various follicle prowess for good… or sometimes ill in hopes of enhancing their style.

It’s Friday. So, shake out that man bun and let your hair down as we celebrate iconic men’s hairstyles that often beg the question, “what was he thinking?”

The Mullet

We all know the tale: business up front, party in the back, but did you know that the term “mullet” is credited to the Beastie Boys’ 1994 song, “Mullet Head?” Not only did it take until the ’90s to coin the phrase, but there is historical evidence of this magnificent hairstyle dating back to the days of The Iliad. There is a rather rich and humorous history to the short-long and we are happy that sports like hockey will continue to keep this dream do alive.


Moustaches aren’t just for dads and Tom Selleck anymore. With the great causes like Movember, which raise awareness for men’s health, the ‘stache is here to stay. You can’t have amazing Westerns like Tombstone without some seriously misplaced eyebrows. There are literally world-class competitions for how creatively you can grow and creatively style the bro-merang.


Let’s all take a second and applaud General Ambrose Burnside, who didn’t invent the look but wore it so well that people started referring to sideburns as “burnsides.”* Talk about a legacy. If you are unsure what the best approach is to some seriously solid chops, rest easy as there is plenty of guidance out there for you. Just make sure that you avoid the anti-burn… please. *Fun fact: Outer Voice editor Clay dated one of Gen. Burnside’s descendants in high school. She did not have sideburns.


Other than keeping others safe, quarantining has given us some pretty amazing beards. Growing and grooming a proper beard is certainly an endeavor that often takes more grooming than you might think. From ZZ Top top to just about every plaid-wearing Brooklynite, the beard is one of the ultimate hairstyle expressions. As a fellow beardo myself, I can tell you emphatically that moisturizing is key.

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