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The Beat #1

Topics: Anti-Racism, ThunderVoice Masks, Surfing in the Maldives, Miyazaki Films

Illustrations by Greg Chinn at The Local Brand Co.


As we reflect on the past weeks of protest and change as a result of our national outrage over the death of George Floyd and hundreds of black Americans at the hands of the police, we continue to mourn while looking to the future. How can we collectively create a more just society and eradicate systematic racism? How do we turn this moment into momentum?

However you choose to act, here are some helpful links: Black Lives Matter, ACLU, The Bail Project, Black & Brown Founders, The Conscious Kid

ThunderVoice Eagle Masks

Coronavirus hasn’t gone away by any means, even if it has been overshadowed in the news. Increasing numbers of artists are creating masks and using the profits to affect change. Lehi ThunderVoice Eagle, founder of Thundervoice Hat Co., creates gorgeous masks with Navajo patterns, and proceeds go to families of Navajo Nation and the National Bail Out Fund.


We’re huge surfing fans, and the Maldives provide a variety of waves and some of the most gorgeous backgrounds you could ask for. The Male, Central and South Atolls abound with surf spots sporting names like Chickens, Ninjas and Voodoos. They’re in a Goldilocks position (hard to get to, but not too hard to get to), meaning fewer crowds, though they’re growing.

Learn about ethical travel to the Maldives here, and click here to learn how surfers are fighting rampant development


Between quarantine and the stress of national unrest, many of us look to comfort viewing and reading as a kind of self-care when we can get a break. At the Beat, we return to the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, and we don’t seem to be alone. With messages about ecology, equality and compassion nestled in gorgeous visuals and magical stories, they capture hearts while still challenging the mind.

Here’s a link to where you can stream all these great movies!


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